Paddy?s Description of Pizarro

From the Country to Cork, near Dublin I came,
My harvest to reap O?Doody?s my name;
My cousin Shongnoffy, I met t?other day,
Says I ? Won?t you go to see Drury lane?s play.
Is it Drury lane?s play, that you mean; – why that?s right,
Where they treat the whole town with Pizzarro to night
Oh ! says I if they treat ?twill be the neat thing,
But the treat that they call?d it cost me a thirteen.
The great green thing drew up, and a lady I spied,
A man wanted to kiss her, she scornfully cry?d ?
Get out you big blackguard or I?ll bodder your gig,
Then in came Pizzarro and growl?d like a pig,
In the days of old Goree, a long time ago
The Spaniards all march?d to Peru you must know,
Saying give us your jewels your gold, and your keys,
But a man they call?d Rolla said no if you please.
This Rolla a star in day time appear?d,
And in a long speech he the soldiesr thus cheer?d; -
Saying ? lather the Dons, you must do the neat thing
For who wou?d not die for their Country and King,
Then oh ! what a hnbbub confusion and strife,
And Rolla, God Bless him, he sav?d the King?s life,
Then went to Alonzo, coop?d up in a jail,
And fending him off staid himself in for bail,
Then Pizarro came forward, and with a gaffoon,
Which was handled by Rolla as I would a spoon,
But as he was sealing a bridge o?er the greens,
He was shot by a rogue from behind all the tereens,
Then Rolla came running, and with him the child,
And he looked all the world, as if he was wild,
Saying take the dear creature, it?s my blood that?s split
In defence of your child, blood & bones how I?m kilt
Then Alonzo gave Paddy Pizarro a blow,
Which laid him as dead as old Bryan Barrow,
And poor Rolla?s body was laid out in state,
And twenty fair virgins danc?d at his wake.
Then Alonzo came forward and gently bow?d,
Says he lady?s and gentlemen, (meaning the crowd)
All with your permission to morrow night then,
We?ll murder Pizarro all over again.

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