Poll of Horsley-Down

Ye landsmen and ye seamen, be you a head or aftern,
Come listen nnto me and a story you shall learn
Its of one Captain Oakum that you shall quickly hear
Who was the bold commander of the Peggy privateer
And he his colours never struck, so great was his renown
To never no one soul on earth, but Poll of Horsley-down.

Miss Poll was a first rate, trick?d out in flashy gear,
And Captain Oakum met her as to Wapping, he did steer,
And as he stood a viewing her and thinking of no hurt
A porter passing with a load capsiz?d him in the dirt,
Then taking out his ?bacco-box that cost him half a crown.
He took a quid and heav?d a sigh to Poll of Horsley-down,

He soon found out Poll?s father, and drest in rich array,
He got permission for to court and so got under weigh;
Miss Poll she received him all for a lover true.
And quite enamoured of her he quickly grew;
He secured and convey?d her all over London town,
Untin the day was fixed to wed with Poll of Horsley-down

But Poll she was a knowing one, as you shall quickly find,
And this here Captain Oakum why love had made him blind
One morning in her chamber, he found a cockney lout
So Captain shov?d the window up and chuck?d the gem?man out:
Then cock?d his arms akimbo and looking with a frown
He took a quid and bid good bye to Poll of Horsley-down.

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