The Honey Moon

Serene and tranquil was the night,
The eve that clos?d the summer day,
And brilliant shone the moon so bright,
How beauteous was her tender ray.

?How like out loves.? the husband cried,
As on his arm Louisa hung ?
Scarce had Louisa been a bride,
And both were fond, and both we young.

This Moon, how like our love, my dear,
He said and clasp?d her round the waist;
?Tis pure and perfect and sincere,
Tenter and True, tho? warm and chaste.

Time flew ? the youthful pair again
Enjoy?d at eve the verdant vale;
The moon still shone but in the wane,
Her form less round, her face more pale.

This too is like our love, my queen,
For though less radiant and less bright,
Yet still o?er all this sylvan scene,
She sheds a soft and pleasing light.

Louisa bow?d her beauteous head,
And yes a sigh escap?d her breast,
Perhaps the fair one would have said,
She lik?d the first bright moon the best.

Time linger?d, yet again the pair,
The balmy breath of eve imbib?d;
And now less perfect, yet still fair,
The moon, alas ! two horns describ?d.

This too, is love, Loiusa says,
The love, my dear, that life adorns:
Perfect at first, is soon decays,
Decays and ends at last in horns.

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