Popular Romanticism


Popular Romanticism describes popular print artifacts of the Romantic period. It is an accessible academic resource for students, teachers, and scholars of Romanticism, popular literatures, book history, and nineteenth-century Britain. The following questions are of central importance: What did people buy and read? How were these artifacts produced and received? How can this be described? The overall aim of Popular Romanticism, then, is to describe the variety of print material that was available, and especially the literature that was popular among working-class readers. A secondary aim is to further describe aspects of the communication circuits that made such reading practices possible. The narrative section focuses on forms, themes, and genres as well as publishers, sellers, and writers that contributed to wide circulation and popular reading.


Director: Gary Kelly
Coordinator: David Buchanan
Platform: Mark Madsen
Design: Mariana Paredes-Olea
Images: Bri Vos (detourphotography.ca)
Past Contributors: Brittany Reid, Linda Van Netten, Trevor Tuininga, Leanne Page

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