Report on Popular Romanticism

07/06/16 21:02

See Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture, 1780–1840 (issue 22, spring 2016) for a report on the site.

Site Blog

07/06/16 21:01

The site blog has been disabled.


07/02/14 23:28

The updated site in progress includes a blog:

Sneak preview

07/02/14 23:25

A look at the new skin underway:

New Narratives

03/02/14 03:42

New narratives by Brittany Reid (University of Alberta) on Lord Byron and Thomas Campbell are now in progress.

Popular Verse

05/12/13 17:13

New work on popular poets and poetry of the Romantic period is now in progress.


10/09/13 16:06

Initial updates to all artifacts complete. This includes minor corrections, and adjustments to categorization and document type. More importantly, ‘city’ now indicates the place of publication. This enables users to use the ‘Browse’ function to search by city/place of publication. Previously, this was not possible.


03/09/13 17:21

Additions and corrections to new narratives underway. Improvements made. Completion of ‘Home and Away’ and updates to ‘The Darton Family’ (incl. new title) made by LVN. Updates to artifact descriptions still in progress. Work on new design implementation continuing this week.

New Narratives

27/08/13 03:29

The narratives section now contains 12 new narratives; all are approximately 1,500-2,000 words in length.


08/07/13 17:24

Updates to the narratives section are now underway.

Progress has been made on the new design. Further work is ongoing.


08/06/13 17:39

Transition to the new design and the addition of new resources is still underway, expected shortly.


06/12/12 18:08

Design work is proceeding well; new resources, including further reading, key terms, etc., are also in progress.


05/11/12 02:55

Design work is currently underway.

Updates and Disruptions

18/09/12 20:36

As a result of updates in progress there may be some disruptions to the site over the next couple months. Access to all materials will remain, but the organization and visuals may change. Apologies for any inconveniences during this period.

Updates in the works

15/08/12 04:01

Assessing likely updates over the next couple months, most likely to the narratives sections, both rewriting current narratives lacking in content and adding new ones as expertise and resources allow.

Site Updates

05/10/11 17:49

New featured narratives are forthcoming. Plans for database expansion over the next year in progress. Collaborators on the narrative sections, existing or new, are welcome.


17/06/11 16:00

Slight tweaks to design have been taking place over the past few months. New cover features should be in place shortly.

Layout etc.

25/01/11 05:37

The layout is new and improved. Instructions for new additions to the narrative section have been added. An adjustment has been made to the presentation of the featured artifact on the front page as well as the size of the main image for each artifact. The About text has been altered slightly.


20/12/10 19:29

New licensing by Creative Commons to make the terms of use clear. Latest News added to front page.

Gothic Chaps!

07/12/10 15:17

Great new narrative by Leanne Page on Gothic Chapbooks!

New Artifacts!

05/12/10 02:36

Over 200 artifacts from the Revolutionary Romanticism streetprint site have been moved to Popular Romanticism. While many of these artifacts require further description for better searchability, they are full text and add significantly to the archive.


04/11/10 01:52

Popular Romanticism is now indexed by MLA International Bibliography.


17/09/10 14:47

New link for Popular Romanticism at …

Fall Additions

08/09/10 03:48

Layout and design changes will continue as of September 2010 with the intent of improving the appearance and functionality of the site; over the course of the next few months new artifacts will be added and several of the narrative sections will be fleshed out.


13/07/10 17:52

A new skin for poprom is now underway and should be visible by the end of July.


21/06/10 16:24

A presentation of Popular Romanticism and discussion of the relationship between book history and digital humanities research will take place at the Material Cultures conference July 18, 2010 at Edinburgh University.

June Update

16/06/10 22:39

Additions to the archive continue as scanning, photography, description, and uploading continue, with nearly 600 artifacts and over 5000 images, most of which are published.

The narratives section is now beginning. An evolving list of topics is in place. Several of these will be developed in some depth over the next month, others will be ongoing into the fall, and likely later.

A new skin for the site is currently in development and may be expected in preliminary form mid-July, complete by the end of the summer.

Narratives are coming soon.

05/03/10 10:04

We know you have all been waiting…

Well, we are pleased to announce that narrative support has just been added by the Streetprint 5 team and POPROM should have some narratives soon.

We expect to see them appear on the site within the next few weeks so check back then.