Categories: Verse


Year: 1828

Publisher: R. B. Seeley and W. Burnside

Pagination: 367

Dimensions: 18.2 x 11 cm

Illustrations: Frontispiece: 'THE BEAUTIES OF | THE | BRITISH POETS. | WITH A FEW INTRODUCTORY | REMARKS BY THE | REVD. GEO. CROLY. | 1828 | The Engravings printed by Vizetelly, Branston and Co. 135, Fleet Street.'; p. 1: 'THE CANTERBURY PILGRIMS, FROM STOTHARD' | "And

City: London

Document Type: Book

Language: English

Printer: L. B. Seeley and Sons, Weston Green, Thames Ditton

Seller: L. B. Seeley and Sons, Fleet Street, London

Marginalia: 372: 'To Miss Emily Cartheu with the regards of a sincere friend | October 2nd 1828.' [in black ink]. 370: 'G. W. James' [in black ink].

Binding: Quarter calf, gilt tooled. Front and back covers cloth on board. Spine [gilt stamped]: 'BEAUTIES | OF THE | BRITISH POETS | 1828'

Edges: Trimmed


Summary: p. i title-page and publisher's imprint. p. iii 'INTRODUCTORY OBSERVATIONS.' p. xvii contents. p. xviiii 'ENGRAVINGS | BY BRANSTON AND WRIGHT | BY DESIGNS FROM MR. HARVEY.' p. 1-367 text. p. 368 printer's imprint.