The Sky Rocket

When I ship?d from on board the sky rocket,
At seven P. M. half past,
When an odd guinea burnt in my pocket,
Why, splice me, but that was the last.
Fol de riddle lol, &c.

To spend it at eight to get groggy,
Because thus I don?t know as how:
And all was being pretty foggy,
I always kick?d up a damn?d row.
Fol de riddle lol, &c.

At nine Betty Sly over-haul?d me,
Says I here?s a guinea, but you sha?n?t,
For tho? a little true-blue you call me,
It?s the yellow boy, that?s what you want.
Fol de riddle lol, &c.

At ten Mr. Smoushe would you try to bone it,
Now damn me I don?t like your stuff,
For tho? you like pork you disown it,
Tho? you like guinea pigs well enough.
Fol de riddle lol, &c.

At eleven I pip?d like a ninny,
To see a bold tar in distress,
So I pull?d out and gave him the guinea,
But splice me what could I do less.
Fol de riddle lol, &c.

At twelve I push?d off to old mother Crockets,
In whose house I?ve kick?d hundreds about
And having not that odd guinea in my pocket,
Why the old whore she bundled me out.
Fol de riddle lol, &c.

The rain was most preciously pouring,
A watch-box I took for a bed,
Where in it an old scout lay snoring,
While I took his watch in his stead.
Fol de riddle lol, &c.

For watching to me is all a notion,
For in many a terrible squall,
For old England I?ve watch?d on the ocean,
And a watch word was liberty?s hall.
Fol de riddle lol, &c.

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