The Inhuman Husband

Categories: Gothic



Publisher: Orlando Hodgson

Pagination: [1-3], 4-24

Illustrations: Coloured

City: London

Document Type: Chapbook

Language: English

Printer: Orlando Hodgson

Advertisements: 'HODGSON'S EDITION. | THE GENUINE AND PATHETIC | TALE | OF | POOR MARY | The Maid of the Inn' [back cover]

Media Files:

Full title: 'The Inhuman Husband | or the | Sad Narrative | of the | Dutchess of C—, | who was | Excluded for Nine Years | From the sight of the Sun, | Being confined all that time in | A Dreadful Dungeon | under ground, | Without a Bed, a scanty allowance of Bread and Water, suffering through Hunger, Thirst, and Cold, annoyed by Vermin, and nearly deprived of Sight, | with her | Fortunate Deliverance | and | Restoration to Society | by the | Count of Bellmire | together with the | Happy Marriage of her Daughter'; Contained in Brochures Diverses