The Sailor?s Caution

One night as I lay on my bed,
I lay warm at my ease,
I dreamt about bold mariners,
And sailors on the seas.

We do endure both hot and cold,
And many a bitter blast,
And often times we are oblig?d,
For to cut away out mast.

And overboard out guns do throw,
With many a cargo ???,
And in the long boat forc?d to jump,
Our precious lives to save,

Our captain in his cabin stood,
A man of courage stout and bold,
Cheer up my lively jolly lads,
Jump up my hearts of gold.

Out boatswain at the wheel doth stand,
Steering his course right well,
He looks all round with watery eyes,
Saying, see how the seas do swell,

Out plumber on the deck doth stand,
With lead and line in hand,
To see how far or near we are,
From any rock or sand,

The mermaid on the rock doth sit,
With comb and glass in hand,
Cheer up, cheer up, bold mariners,
You are not far from land.

So not cheer up bold mariners,
Or smother in the deep,
All this I do for a sailor?s sake,
Whilst losing of my sleep.

Here is a token brave mariner,
A token unto you so kind,
SO if by chance you come this way,
Tis here you will me always find.

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