The Carpet Weaver

Don?t you remember a carpet weaver
Whose daughter loved a youth so true,
He promised one day he would never leave her,
Ah ! down in the valley where violets grew.


He flatter?d and vow?d, whicle she sat beside him
Soft tales teller of love long ago,
He vow?d to her, but can you tell if she her love deny?d him;
Ah ! down in a vale where violets grew.

Never he told her he would be a rover,
She fondly thought he told her true,
But how shall the maid this truth discover
Ah ! will he plight his vows anew.

If never, never her voice deceived him,
Now while telling of loves long ago,
Can he forget the girl who believ?d him,
Down in a vale where violets grow.

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