Authors: Burney, Miss

Mackenzie, Henry, Esq.

Potter, T.

Langhorne, John, D.D.

Genlis, Madame la Comtesse de

Hawkesworth, Dr.

Categories: Fiction


Year: 1802

Date Details: 1800-1802 ; see Notes

Publisher: G. Nicholson, Poughnill, near Ludlow

Pagination: See Notes

Dimensions: 14.7 x 9 cm

Illustrations: Yes

City: London

Document Type: Book

Language: English

Binding: Brown, half calf (corners removed). Front and back covers marbled board. Spine: [gilt-tooled] line | decoration | line | 'LITERARY | MISCELLANY' (ln black background) | line | decoration | line | '7' | line | decoration | line.

Edges: Trimmed

Seller: See Notes

Printer: G. Nicholson


Collection, six editions of MORAL TALES: 1. 1-24 Old Albany, Miss Burney, G. Nicholson, Poughnill. (No title-page) 2. 3-19 Father Nicholas. 19-22 Flavia. 23 Rosetta. 24 The Flower Girl. By Henry Mackenzie. Nov. 1, 1801, G. Nicholson, Poughnill, near Ludlow. Sold in London by H.D. Symonds, Paternoster row; Champante & Whitrow, Aldgate; R. Bickerstaff, Strand; T. Conder; Bucklersbury; Lackington, Allen & Co., Finsbury Square; and all other Booksellers. 3. 3-21 The Shrubbery. 22-36 The Triumph of Beauty. 37-8 The Unfeeling Father. By T. Potter. Nov. 1, 1802. Publisher: see 2. 4. 1-9 Abbas. 9-16 Theodosius and Constantia. pp. 16-19 Gratitude Exemplified. 19-20. 20-24 Stephen and Fanny. By Langhorne, John, D.D. July 1, 1802. Publisher: see 2. 5. 1-58. Dutchess of C-. By Madame la Comtesse de Genlis. Oct. 8, 1800. George Nicholson, College, Ludlow. Sold by Champante and Whitrow, 4, Jewry-Street, Aldgate, London; and by all other Booksellers. 6. 3-22 Eugenio. 22-3 Anecdote of an Officer who refused to fight a Duel. 23-25 Mr. V-. 25-28 The Beggar and his Dog. By Dr. Hawkesworth. G. Nicholson, Poughnill, near Ludlow; and in London, by Symon's; Crosby & co.; Lackington & co.; Champante & co.; &c. &c.