Bold Captain Avery

Come all ye young sailors of courage so bold
That venture for money I?ll cloath you with gold,
Come resort unto Croney and there you will find
A ship call?d the Fanny shall pleasure your mind
Bold Avery commands her and calls her his own
And he?ll box her about boys before he has done
French Spaniards Portuguese and Heathens likewise
He?s made war with them till the day that he dies
She?s rigg?d and mann?d and most neatly trimm?d
She?s moulded like wax work and sails like the wind,
She?s all things in readiness and fit for our design
God prosper the Fanny she?s bound for the main
Farewell to Plymouth may Catwater be d?d
For once I was owner of part of that land
But since I?m disowned adieu I will take
My person from England my fortune to make
I?ll cross the south sea with courage so bold
For man I resolve to cloath them with gold
Five hundred and fifty brave boys of courage,
Resolve the first ship we meet to engage
These northerly climes are not fit for me
I?ll cross these tropics that all men may see
That I?m not afraid to let all the world know
I?ll cross the salt seas and to Persia I?ll go
Good quarters I?ll give but no nation spare
For the world must supply me if ever I want
I?ll give them pills when my money grows scant
Lo this is the course I intend to steer
They that honour St. George the better shall fare
For he that refuses shall surely soon spy
Strange colours on board my Fanny shall fly
Three shivers of gold with a red flowery field
Embroidered with gold shall be our shield
So call you for quarters as soon as you see
Our bloody flag hoisted this is our decree
No quarter I will give no quarter I will take
There is not one living one glass is too late
For we are sword brothers and it is my design
I am bound for the Indies the gold it is mine
Now this is the course I intended for to steer
My hard hearted nation to you I declare
I have done you no wrong so you may me forgive
My sword shall maintain me as long as I live
My commission is large for I made it myself
May capstan may stretch it far wider by halt
Twas dated at Croney believe me my friends
In the year ninety two boys unto my life?s end

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