Liverpool Town

In Liverpool town is my delight,
And in that lives many beauties bright,
But the fairest one did me disdain.
So I fix?d my mind on the raging main.

It was at Black Rocks where our good ship did lay
All hands on board and ready to sail away.
With as fresh a breeze as ever did blow,
For to cruise the seas so long adieu,

On the 12th of August that very day,
Eight seamen that same to us did say,
Our ship is taken by the slaves.
And the boats we have taken our lives for to save.

If that be true, says our Captain bold,
Brave boys soon after them we?ll go,
So we slipp?d out cable and soon made sail,
Thinking we was able when them to prevail,

When we arriv?d on the savage main,
We had no reason to complain,
For to slave those Africans we did begin,
On our passage over we lost one man.

Those wicked Savages being void of fear
They thought whilst of their share
Death and plunder when up she blew,
Five hundred of them bid this world adieu,

When they kill?d the gunner and wounded out mate,
And the rest they boarded using spite of fate,
With three hundred barrels of powder in.
Blew up our powder and all our men.

And no my boys to Jamaica we?re bound
Where we?ll get out good ship hove down,
We?ll receive out pay like shipmen true.
To the coast of Africa we?ll bid adieu.

Its not my boys we?re homeward bound,
Where the canns of grog shall fly around.
The pretty girls will come down and say,
Jack you?ll be welcome home from Africa.

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