Meg of Wapping

Twas landlady Meg that made such rum flip,
Pull away pull away hearties,
At Wapping she liv?d, at the sight of the ship,
Where tars meet in such jolly parties,
She?d shine at a play and jig at a ball,
All rigg?d out so gay and so topping,
For she marry?d six husbands and bury?d them all
Pull away, pull away, pull I say,
What d?ye think of my Meg of Wapping.

The first was old Bluff with a swinging purse,
Pull away: pull away; jolly boys,
He was cast away, says Meg who cares are curse,
As to grieving why all that?s jolly boys,
The second in command was bleer ey?d Ned,
Which the Surgeon his limbs were a lopping.
A nine pounder came and smack?d off his head,
Pull away. &c.
Rare news for my Meg of Wapping.

They she married to Sam and Sam lov?d a sup,
Pull away, pull away brother,
So groggy Sam got and the ship it blew up,
And Meg had to look for another,
The fourtu was bold men who at danger would
Tell his courage a crocodile stopping,
Made his breakfast of Ben on the banks of the nile
Pull away, &c.
What a fortunate Meg of Wapping.

Stay, who was the fifth, O ?twas Dick so neat,
Pull away, pull away so merry,
And the savages Dick both kill?d and eat,
And poor Meg she was forc?d to take Jerry,
Death again stood her friend for kill?d in a fray,
He also the grave clanc?d to pop in,
SO not with my song I?ll soon belay.
Pull away, &c.
The six husbands of Meg of Wapping.

But I did not tell you ho she married seven,
Pull away, pull away, so neatly.
?Twas honest Tom Trip and he sent her to heaven
And her strong box he removed so sweetly,
For Meg growing old a fond dotard prov?d,
And must after a boy he hopping,
So she popp?d off, and Ton with the girl that he lov?d
Pull away, &c.
Spent the shiners of Meg of Wapping.

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