The Darton Family

8. Darton was involved in most aspects of the book trade over the course of his career: publishing, engraving, printing, and bookselling. He identified himself as an engraver and printer when he began his business in 1803. In 1809, he registered two presses at 19 Charles Street, Hatton Garden. The frontispiece of this work (1821; 154 pp., 14.5 × 9 cm) provides a good example of the engraving skill Darton brought to his trade.

Arabella Argus’ Jemmy Donkey series was popular with Darton. Further Adventures of Jemmy Donkey is narrated by the ‘Donkey Biographer’ and bonafide ass Jemmy Donkey, this being his second literary effort. According to the Preface, Jemmy Donkey’s first effort, Adventures of a Donkey, was well-received.