Popular Poets

12. During 1781, he contributed several essays to the Gentleman’s Magazine and in 1786, his first book of poetry, An Ode to Superstition, with some other Poems, was published. The popularity of his poetry is exemplified by the fact that by 1806, his poem, The Pleasures of Memory, had undergone fifteen re-editions. In the following years, he produced a number of poetic works, including Columbus (1808), Jacqueline (1814), Human Life (1819), and the two-part Italy (1822 and 1828). In 1850, he was offered the poet laureateship, a testament to his celebrated status, but declined the position in favor of Tennyson. This volume of The Pocket Magazine of Classic and Polite Literature (v.8: 1821) includes two plates from Rogers’ Poems.