Popular Poets

10. Beginning in 1825, Campbell was involved in the founding of London University and from 1826-1829 he served as Lord Rector at Glasgow University. From the 1830s through to his death in 1844, he concentrated on editing the work of Shakespeare and composing biographies of Frederick the Great (1843), Petrarch (1841), and Sarah Siddons (1842). Despite favoring prose later in life, Campbell also continued composing poetry, such as the narrative poem The Pilgrim of Glencoe in 1842. Through his poetry, prose, and public positions, Campbell achieved popularity during the Romantic period and is perhaps best remembered today for his critical biographies and various roles within the academy. This volume of The Pocket Magazine of Classic and Polite Literature (v.3, new series: 1825) includes an engraving from Campbellā€™s poem, Theodric.